Native MAC support pleease!

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Native MAC support pleease!

Postby pszilard » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:59 pm

Can you PLEASE develop SyncBackPro for Mac OS X "natively", so we could backup files on a Mac to a NAS (AFP or SMB protocol), without needing any Windows component?

I need to backup around 6TB of video production files from my Thunderbolt connected drive to a 20TB NAS, however any program that I am aware of, insists on reading the entire files set on the NAS for every time it runs. I would LOVE a SyncBack "Fastbackup" option so that only changed files would be backed up, based on a local history database, rather than reading the 1 million files on the target every time! My backup set is never altered by anyone else, so this would be a perfect scenario for Syncback.

Macs are a significant computing segment, especially in the Media Production arena, and I am sure that Mac users would provide a most profitable market for selling SynbackMac to. Don't miss out from servicing Mac users! Please.

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