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Postby harden » Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:38 pm

I understand the general industry application of deduplication as the proprietary data comparison methodology for reducing data storage and transfer for offsite/remote backups. I also realize that the syncback software is not made to do that as it operates with the os to exchange actual files and not the bits and bytes individually so standard deduplication is not available.

What I am interested in seeing is for Syncback to understand file moves. If I have a user move 10 Gigs of data (which could just mean something as simple as renaming a directory) Syncback will delete the data from the remote file store and then copy new data, which is actually exactly the same as the old data, back to the remote source. Is it possible for Syncback to recognize the "move" and just reorganize the remote data source. Even potentially in the case of a directory rename, to just rename the remote storage directory rather than deleting and recreating?

Conrad Chung
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Re: Deduplication

Postby Conrad Chung » Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:55 am

Only a Intelligent Synchronization profile (that has run once already, so it has a database of 'previous-state each side' to search for possible candidates) has a chance to replicate renames/moves by renaming/moving (assuming the file system format of your target system permits that). Backup & Mirror profiles can also replicate the new structure, but only by 'deleting old / re-copying new'. Intelligent Synchronization profiles that have no database yet (or you Clear it), or where no potential matches are found in it, will fall back to this delete/re-copy mode automatically.

Bear in mind that if the file has been moved and edited, it will certainly fail (as the hash values won't match, so it won't be considered) so the slower method will be used.

For more information about renames/moves, please read the Help file on the section 'Intelligent Synchronizationhronization'.

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