sync with MTP drives? (e.g. smart phones)

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sync with MTP drives? (e.g. smart phones)

Postby ctny » Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:10 am

when you connect a smart phone (I tried iphone 4s/5s and Nexus 5/7) with a PC using USB, the phone shows up next to all the hard drives in the "My Computer" windows, then you can browse and copy files to and from the phone like it was another hard drive.

so when you have 15GB of photos on the phone, it will be perfect to use syncback to sync just the new photos rather than copying the entire DCIM folder each time.

the current version of syncback pro can't browse into the phone when creating a new profile, "the folder name is not valid". Can you make it work?

Conrad Chung
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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: sync with MTP drives? (e.g. smart phones)

Postby Conrad Chung » Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:39 am ... ng-mtp-ptp

The new forthcoming SE/Pro V7 (Free not supported) will support MTP. V7 is currently available for download/testing in beta version but do note that as it is in beta, it may contain bugs.

The V7 beta is available for download/testing via the Beta section of the User Forum:

Password is indicated below the Beta section link. Please do read all the posts first for important background information. That forum section is also where you should initially post any questions or comments about the beta version (so other beta-testers can see the questions and answers).

Note that SyncBackSE/Pro V7 comes with a 30-day trial evaluation period, after which a V6 license serial of the corresponding version is required for continued usage. At the moment, there is no firm release date yet for V7.

Please note that SE/Pro V7-beta will replace/overwrite the corresponding V6 version already installed in your system (Eg, SE V7 replaces SE V6, etc).

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