UI Scaling for high-DPI screens and touch

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UI Scaling for high-DPI screens and touch

Postby Weesals » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:26 am

Hey development team,

I've recently installed SyncBackFree and am quite happy with it, but the UI is very difficult to interact with on a Surface Pro, especially with touch. Editing the manifest file to report correctly that the application is NOT DPI-aware (by setting dpiAware to false) makes the application much easier to work with, but it is still not very touch-friendly.

Please consider adding adding a mode to make each profile entry taller, the extra vertical space could be filled with information about the last sync (how many files changed, how many conflicts, total bytes transferred, 3 most significant files to change). Also if only one profile exists, it should be selected by default, so that the actions below can be triggered more easily.

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