FoC Feature Request: Search Again

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FoC Feature Request: Search Again

Post by fredradford » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:00 pm

There are many use cases for wanting to re-do the search you just did, with slightly different values.

Maybe you typo'ed the Filename
Maybe you want to add an additional "OR" parameter
Maybe you don't want to use OR because you want to do different things (such as delete or export) on each of the results

The user experience would be that there would be a button ("Re-do" ?) next to Search that would search the results of the filename collection process without going back to disk to re-load them.
The impact is that once the directories are analyzed, the program would need to keep the original list in memory to sort again, instead of flushing it.
The "Analyzing Directories" would also need to be done after all drives are loaded, instead of after each drive.

I requested this feature on Ticket # 5713-5006022313 in 2010 and would really like to see it implemented.

This would be a super-useful feature because you could search all drives for all files (blank Filename Filter) and load that info into memory and then just do all your future searches from that memory!

Dave Wilkins
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Re: FoC Feature Request: Search Again

Post by Dave Wilkins » Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:21 am

Thanks for your feedback, which has been passed to the development department for consideration

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