New OnClick versions (February 2014)

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New OnClick versions (February 2014)

Postby mickyj » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:44 am

New versions of the OnClick utilites are now available for download:

DeleteOnClick V2.3.0.0 ... _Setup.exe

New: Extra confirmation if wiping everything on a drive
Updated: Installer wont ask to close Windows Explorer

FindOnClick V2.5.0.0 ... _Setup.exe

New: Deep file search option (to search using ASCII, Unicode (LE, BE, and UTF-8))
New: -deep command line parameter
Fixed: Bug where Filename filter was interpreted incorrectly with 3 or more items

EncryptOnClick V1.5.0.0 ... _Setup.exe

New: Option to show password
New: Option to not delete file after encrypting or decrypting
New: -n command line parameter to specify not to delete file

HashOnClick V2.5.1.0 ... _Setup.exe

Updated: Installer wont ask to close Windows Explorer

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