SyncBack BETA V7.7.0.0

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SyncBack BETA V7.7.0.0

Post by mickyj » Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:01 am

SyncBack BETA V7.7.0.0 is available for download:

Pro V7:
SE V7:

Changes in this version:

New (Pro): New Dropbox API support
New: -eventlog command line parameter
Fixed: Uninstall bug (multiple prompts and access violation)
Fixed (Pro): When editing script it may open wrong script
Fixed (SE/Pro): Folder naming issue with MTP when creating, deleting and renaming folders in browser
Fixed (SE/Pro): Base MTP folder may be wrong
Updated: Fewer uninstall prompts
Updated: The log viewer dialog (when 30 or more log files) now shows if run was a success
Updated (Pro): Warn about Dropbox V1 profiles

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