Mirror folder setup not deleting destination files/folders?

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Mirror folder setup not deleting destination files/folders?

Postby Brian287 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:34 am

I have setup to mirror a folder onto a removable USB stick, but files no longer on source are not deleted on destination?

I just want an exact replication (Mirror) of my folder on the USB device, the source determines what should be there and nothing else. It's funny why the mirror backup routine does not do this by definition of its name?

Thank you

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Re: Mirror folder setup not deleting destination files/folders?

Postby cliffhanger » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:48 am

Hi. it works OK for me (subject to the following). Are you sure you don't have Filters and/or File/Folder Deselections in force that are telling SB to Ignore those files (thus, it doen't delete them)? Another possibility is that it will do so in due course, but you have time-limits in force before deletions take place. Other possibilities exist, such as general age & size limits that specify certain files are simply not to be processed at all.

If these are not the answer (or you are not sure), I think you would need to submit a Support Zip to 2BS Support of the profile in question (after a run that did not delete files you think should be...) together with the exact path\name of an example Destination-only file that was not deleted.

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