Syncback Pro Multi Computer Configuration Question

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Syncback Pro Multi Computer Configuration Question

Post by jnewton » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:46 pm

Hi All.
I have been using syncback free for along time now and would like to move to syncback pro because of the sync feature to remove the file / folder duplication issues. I am a cad designer and I currently use 3 computers (home office, travel laptop, remote office). The laptop is low end so I don't do a lot of work on it (but I do work on it) and the remote office computer gets used by another cad user when I'm not there. To keep everything updated I'm doing the following.

What I'm currently doing with syncback free:(weekly)
1. Mirror Home Office Computer to my Laptop (home office computer is the master of all 3 computers)
2. Sync Laptop to remote office (Updates Laptop and Remote Office)
3. Sync Laptop to Home Office (Update Home Office Computer)

During the travel time my Home Office Computer is not used or shut down.
The above works with some file/folder duplication that will eventually clutter and waste drive space.

Again goal of using SBPro in my case would be to prevent file duplication when a file or folder is renamed/moved/deleted
My theory in having sync work properly in this scenario would be install SBPro on the Home Office Computer and the Remote Office Computer and use the Laptop as the transport.

This is where I need input. Will this work? If not, possible solution?

I thank you in advance for you replies.

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Re: Syncback Pro Multi Computer Configuration Question

Post by Swapna » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:53 am


The Synchronization profile in SyncBackPro (or SE) is strictly a two-way comparison process (A-to-B, B-to-A) and we typically do not recommend users to sync to multiple devices as unwanted overwrites/deletes on files could easily occur if a strict running order sequence is not met. Therefore, I suggest sending a support ticket to [email protected] for detailed instructions and important points to consider when creating a multi-way sync profile.

Thank you.

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