Scheduling backup

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Scheduling backup

Post by AndreiMih » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:18 am

Good day,

This is my first day using SyncBackPro 6.5. I've been reading your documentation in help section, had a look at some topics here on the forum. I'm starting to understand a thing or two, but it is still a bit too much info for a start.

I've been thinking about a backup schedule and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction for further learning.

The idea is to have backup of:

Monday to Thursday
Friday (and all other Fridays of the Month, Friday 1, Friday 2...)
Month (and other months before)

So it will look like this: incremental or full Mon-Thu, on day 5 delete all that and create Friday, keep each Friday till the end of month. When month ends I have 4 Friday backsups, delete them and make Month backup. Year ends and I have 12 backups of months, delete them and make a Year backup.

From what I understand so far - I need to create a Backup profile and:

1. under Simple -> Destination point for example to \\\Backup\%DAYOFWEEK%\
The key here is to have the dayofweek variable so system will create folders 1-4 for Mon-Thu
2. under Fast backup select Perform a fast backup, tick Use a different folder for full (rescan) backups and point it to \\\Backup\ and set %DAYOFWEEK% equals 5 (for Friday)

With that in place software will do a full backup every Friday and delete incremental files for Mon-Thu

Now, how do I keep all Fridays of the month so on the 4th week I can go back to week 1?
What I found is Versioning. I think that if I Enable versioning on Destination and Keep a maximum of 4 for 30 days the software will create and keep versions of something, hopefully Friday backups.

Now I need to run a Month backup, probably create a 2nd Backup profile and call it "Monthly" and schedule it Monthly, Days - On last.
And same for the year? Every January? This will mean 3 profiles - 1 daily + Friday, 2 monthly, 3 yearly.

I appreciate any help with setting this up, constructive criticism is welcome.

Thank you,


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