treat set of files as a group

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treat set of files as a group

Postby dave010 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:28 pm

i am still on version of syncbackpro and i would like to archive some old files created by drive imaging software.
the filenames use a format "guid-IncrementalNumber". u can guess that each differential image is saved by incrementing the number.
i can identify which "group" of files need moving say those with a guid where they are all created more than 6 months ago. but clearly i do not want to split the group - they should be treated together (based upon the share guid of the filename) - so a simple filter on date created cannot work.
i can create a profile to do this using filters to select only the image group to archive with: *\guid* as a filter.
is it possible to set the filter via the commandline or any other options that would allow me to point syncback to the groups that need moving?
thanks for your help.

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