SyncBackSE V4.0.8 Released

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SyncBackSE V4.0.8 Released

Post by mike » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:57 am

SyncBackSE (Special Edition) V4.0.8 (26th April 2006) is released with new features, updates, and fixes.

Make sure you clear your browser cache before attempting to download the new version! ... _Setup.exe

SHA-1 F7D9772D7512D6AB2B4F1BBEF53048D640330E61
Digitally signed by 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

As always, you can safely install the new version over the old version. Do not uninstall your old version first.

SyncBackSE V4.0.8

New: Catalan translation (thanks to Jordi Rodellar Fustero)
New: Progress feedback on profile conversion from old versions
New: -source and -dest command line parameters
New: Bandwidth throttling (not just FTP)
New: Completely new FTP engine to resolve socket errors and other FTP problems
New: Completely new Email engine
New: Filters shown in Profile Setup summary
New: %SBVERSION% variable
New: Option to delete certain files to make a folder empty, e.g. thumbs.db
Updated: Italian translation modified (thanks to Massimo Pedrazzoli)
Updated: Removed "nag" window on program close
Updated: No countdown timer on Evaluation button
Updated: Days left in evaluation shown in Window caption bar
Updated: Exceptions/errors from profile setup can now be caught
Updated: Minor internal fixes/changes
Updated: Prompted when uninstalling so settings are not lost
Updated: Can use arrow keys on Group Profile window to move profiles, and also can tab to profile boxes
Updated: Safe copies made even if destination file doesn't exist
Updated: Will not ask to create new profile on startup if no profiles
Updated: Default exclusion filters updated
Updated: Changed re-scan evaluation so numbers match correctly, e.g. %DAY%=1 and not just %DAY%=01
Updated: File collision window changed to remove hints which may hide filename
Updated: FTP download of file is resumed when connection lost and reconnected (if supported by FTP server)
Updated: FTP upload of file is resumed when connection lost and reconnected (if supported by FTP server)
Updated: Help file
Fixed: Intelligent Synchronization data is now specific to the drive (based on serial number) as well as the folder
Fixed: Now compatible with other Zip programs when using international filenames
Fixed: Not saving settings correctly for folders with a closed square bracket in name
Fixed: Fixes to a number of translations that may have caused errors
Fixed: Invalid image size error on file/folder selection
Fixed: Default font in HTML log changed so pinyin characters now displayed correctly in Internet Explorer
Fixed: Settings saved while SyncBackSE running and Windows shutdown/restarted
Fixed: On Win98 sometimes failed when saving file/folder selections
Fixed: Auto-clean in file/folder selection window
Fixed: Crash on exit when trying to close any help windows
Fixed: Destination hidden & system when copying from root and copying file security
Fixed: Minimize to system tray now works again on NT 4
Fixed: In rare cases the profile gets stuck freeing memory (happens when attempting to copy open files)
Fixed: Rename of profiles also updates name in group profiles
Fixed: Zip encryption options were in the wrong order for some languages
Fixed: DST changes not ignored in some cases, e.g. using UDF
Fixed: Local temp safe copy file deleted when FTP transfer aborted
Fixed: Multiple dialog boxes/windows are not shown at the same time
Fixed: Waiting for VSS to become available when more than one profile needs to copy an open file at the same time

SyncBackSE V4.0.7

Never officially released, only pre-release versions available to help with switch to new FTP engine.

We hope you like the changes!

The 2BrightSparks Team
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