SyncBack Freeware and EncryptOnClick Updated

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SyncBack Freeware and EncryptOnClick Updated

Post by mike » Fri Feb 24, 2006 9:38 pm

Two Freeware Updates Announced

2BrightSparks are happy to announce new updates for two of their popular freeware programs.

SyncBack V3.2.10

A new update of SyncBack Freeware has been released that features an updated CHM format Help File and several fixes:

New: Help file has been updated to CHM format from old HLP format.
Fixed: URL typo in help file for SyncBackSE.
Fixed: Resets window positions if off desktop (now works correctly with
Updated: Differences and prompting windows now brought to front to avoid problems of them being hidden behind main window.
Updated: Can use arrow keys on Group Profile window to move profiles, and also can tab to profile boxes.

EncryptOnClick V1.1.2

A new update of EncryptOnClick Freeware has been released. EncryptOnClick can now be used on a USB key or other removable devices, so now you can store your files in encrypted format along with EncryptOnClick! Other changes:

Fixed: Avoid 'no filename extension' when decrypting email attachments in Outlook 2003.
Fixed: Now compatible with other Zip programs when using international

Download both programs at:

We hope you enjoy the improvements.

The 2BrightSparks Team

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