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New Automated Backups E-book

Postby mike » Tue Aug 16, 2005 12:14 pm

2BrightSparks has produced a new e-book available at:

'Automated Backups' shows how to create a 'set it and forget it' backup using SyncBackSE and is available online, in help file format, or as a PDF to download and save to your local computer.

With step by step instructions on configuring Windows to hibernate instead of powering off, creating a profile in SyncBackSE to backup your files, and scheduling that profile to run when you want the backups to be made automatically, this is a great resource.

You'll also find frequently asked questions about Automated Backups to clarify the whole process.

More e-books are set to follow in the near future.

The 2BrightSparks Team

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