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Dutch and Polish Magazine Coverage

Postby mike » Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:53 am

SyncBack and SyncBackSE are to feature in two upcoming magazines from the F&L Dutch Publishing Group and IDG's PC World Komputer magazine from Poland.

F&L publish several computer magazines, such as "c't Magazine for computer technology", "CHIP" and "Computer easy".

IDG is the world's largest publisher of Computer Magazines with Polish titles including PC World Komputer; Computerworld; NetWorld; Kino Domowe; Zoom; Digit; CXO; CFO; Gamestar; Internet Standard; IT Partner; JobUniversev; CyberJoy; Fotografia; Cyber; and Informator IT.

If you come across reviews or features about SyncBack/SE, either on the Internet or in magazines, we'd very much appreciate hearing about them. Please contact us at:


Magazines often request that SyncBack/SE is included on their CD-ROMs or DVDs, but they rarely supply us with a copy, and it's often difficult for us to get hold of a non-English publication. Sending in a scanned copy of a page in which our software is featured would be much appreciated :)

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