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2BrightSparks: Developers of SyncBack and SyncBackPro. Backup, Synchronization, and Restoration software for local drive, network drive, FTP, Zip archive, or any removable media.
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Tutorials Get the best out of your software: use the extensive program help, and our many online support articles and resources.

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Entering Your Serial Number
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The Backup Guide
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My First Backup
Help: Creating A Profile
Help: Running a Profile
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Why does the first run of a profile take longer than subsequent runs?
When can a profile be run?
Access Denied error message

Creating a Schedule
Help: Creating a Schedule
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What is the Windows Task Scheduler?
The difference between scheduling & running a profile in the background
Problems with Task "Profile Name": Access is denied?

Restoring Backups
Help: Restoring a Backup
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How do I restore one or a selection of my files?

Help: The Synchronize Process
Help: Smart Synchronization
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Common reasons for files being skipped
SyncBackPro: Can I backup or sync my files using Gmail, Yahoo, or any other free email service?
Support from 2BrightSparks

Our industry leading support helps you get the very best out of using our programs. From extensive hints and program context sensitive help, to our many online support articles and resources you'll find on our site.

Visit our Support Area now which provides an extensive support area with the following:




Latest Version Numbers

Support Request [commercial software]

Program Help File

Your program help file is the first and most accessible source of advice and help.

SyncBackFree Help

Users of SyncBackFree enjoy an extensive 400+ page help file, an online KnowledgeBase and Forum. Note that support ticketing is reserved for users of the commercial versions of the program.

Top Tip! Simply click the F1 key (usually on the upper left of your keyboard) to open the help file at the particular page relating to the current SyncBackFree window.

SyncBackFree Help
The Backup Guide
Using Advanced Features
Creating a Profile and Performing a Simulated Backup
Creating a Simple Schedule and Deleting a Schedule

Introducing SyncBackPro
SyncBackPro Main SyncBackPro Benefits

Backup to CD/DVD
Backup To and From Email
Scripting Support
Powerful FTP engine with SFTP
BZip2 Compression
S.M.A.R.T. Warnings
Copy Locked or Open Files
Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
Zip64 compression with 256-bit AES encryption
Superb Feature Set and Customization
Generous Licensing Policy
Extensive Help Documentation

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