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InfoHesive; security of published material

Postby patforkin » Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:35 pm

I am new to the forum and the product. I am also a writer and not an IT-professional.
I intend to publish eBooks on a model to translate my English texts into German.
It is impoirtant that the product has the security to prevent content being copied and used without it having been purchased.
Is the product secure?
I would appreciate useful guidance from any users with experience of the product security issue.
Thanks for any help. Kind regards, patforkin.
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Postby mike » Sun Mar 13, 2011 7:08 pm

Hi, so others reading this forum post are aware, I responded earlier today to Pat which contained the following:

You have touched on an issue we have considered very carefully. I appreciate you likely want to protect your eBooks from piracy, however if someone is determined to copy your content, the only way to prevent this is not to distribute an eBook at all.

Someone determined to pirate your eBook will do so. Simply put, if you can see content, that content can be pirated. That said, if you place clear barriers that assert your rights as a publisher/author, and restrict the content of your evaluation version, only those determined to illegally copy your work will cross the line.

We therefore decided to develop the ePublishing anti-piracy measures in InfoHesiveEP on a pragmatic basis. You can lock specific topics or articles so they are only viewable (and printable) when the serial number has been entered. This gives you, the publisher, greater control, and at the same time provides the reader with a transparent experience of the eBook.

The eBook does not feature DRM. Digital Rights Management techniques (computer ID/IP lock etc.), generally causes more problems than solves them, and after research, for the smaller publisher tends to act as a barrier to those who are interested in buying eBooks. Keeping the system open encourages far more to read.

Be aware there is an option to ban serials that have been illegally distributed via the InfoHesiveEP Settings > Security field at the bottom of that window. You would then create a new version of the eBook to distribute.

When an InfoHesiveEP eBook is found to either pass the trial expiration period, or when a banned serial is entered, a special message with the publisher's URL is shown so the reader can visit the publishers site to purchase a valid license.

Some programs are dedicated to delivering setup files that can potentially give you greater control over the security measures you are seeking.

InfoHesiveEP is freeware, and as such, we wish to keep it as open a system for ePublishing as possible so we will not change the current anti-piracy measures which we believe are adequate for the majority of users.

I hope you continue to find InfoHesiveEP valuable, and thank you once again for your continuing interest in our software.

Kind Regards,

Mike de Sousa
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