The products do not follow Microsoft start menu guidelines

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The products do not follow Microsoft start menu guidelines

Postby dwalker59 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:05 pm

Microsoft has guidelines on what a program, when installed, should put in the Start menu:

•Put only program shortcuts on the Start menu. Don't put shortcuts to the following items on the Start menu:

◦Program uninstallers. Users access uninstallers through the Programs control panel item.

◦Help files. Users access Help topics directly from your program.


◦Utility programs. Users access utilities from commands in the Tools menu.

◦Readme files. Reconsider the need for such files, because most users never look at them. If you do need a Readme file, let users access it from your setup program.

◦Web sites. Users access Web sites through appropriate links in your program, or Help for technical support sites.

... This page also says "Generally, your program should have a single shortcut on the Start menu."

The screenshots are geared toward Vista and Windows 7, but the advice applies equally well to Windows XP (which will be unsupported in about 3 years).

I like the Syncback products, and I would like to see the products follow the Microsoft guidelines in this area. Thanks.

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