Sync from one hard drive to another over a network

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Sync from one hard drive to another over a network

Postby Bill » Thu Nov 22, 2007 11:46 pm


I am brand new to SyncBack and am getting used to the free version. Thanks very much for your quality product. I installed it in order to sync
one entire hard drive partition on computer A to one entire hard drive on computer B over a LAN. It is doing this right now. The hard drive space on computer B is about 10 GB more than the partition space on computer A. This content quickly fills as it is multimedia files.

My question is - what happens when the used space grows and exceeds that of the partition space on computer A? Do I need to make sure that both locations have exactly the same storage space in order to sync (or mirror) correctly? I assume this is the case. If so, need I reduce the size of the partition on computer B?

Dave Wilkins
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Postby Dave Wilkins » Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:33 am


Friendly hint... you are posting in a forum meant only for discussions on (and maybe pointing out errors in...) Help files and other documentation - this forum is not meant for requests for help (small 'h') with the program itself.

I think you maybe want to post in the SyncBack freeware forum? If so, please re-post in that forum. That way, if the thread turns out to be a long one, we don't end up with a long thread in the wrong place (or, a wrong thread in the long place :wink: )


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