How to use Alldrive script

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How to use Alldrive script

Postby Gadabout » Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:42 pm

I'm new to Syncback and my first attempt to run a profile isnt proving successful.
I want a simple backup of my internal C and D drives to an external USB drive.
I believe I've installed the Alldrives script correctly, (put \ as the Source and ticked Alldrives Location as the script in "Scripts") but I get the error "Source Drive \ does not exist". As far as I can tell the only option I have when using Alldrives is to put \ as the source.
What am I missing here please?
I'm running Pro on a Win7 ultimate x64 machine.
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Re: How to use Alldrive script

Postby Dave Wilkins » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:25 am

Assuming you're using V6, sounds like maybe you're trying to set this up manually. If so, you are probably running into the issue that (internally) anything that is not a standard disk/network location is (has to be) on the right of the code (normally the Destination). Think of it as 'plug-ins need a socket' and there is only a socket on one side of the code (right). Scripts are plug-ins, and only work on the right of the code, so if you want to use them as your Source, you/we need to do some reversing...

The general concept is to set the script as Destination, where you want the files copied to as Source, and then reverse the data flow so that files are copied (etc) from Dest to Source.

This can prove awkward to get your head around, so if you use the New Profile wizard to create a new profile from scratch, and select AllDrives location as your Source, it will automate some changes that should help. It will automatically re-wire the Decisions-Files logic so that data flows from right to left ('restore') - which is necessary - and also reverse the position of the boxes / rename the labels (that normally say Source/Destination, etc) on the Simple page, so that you can visualize what's happening more easily. You can then pick the location that is now labelled as the 'Destination' the normal way, and insert \ in what is now labelled as the 'Script' box, at which point you can then use Choose Subdirectories and Files to select from the drives and folders.

These new labels will also be substituted in the settings descriptions of most settings pages, which helps with the 'thinking in reverse' that would otherwise be necessary.

Note that such a profile will insert drive-identifier subfolders into the paths of the copies it makes, so that we can tell where to Restore them to should you opt to do so. You thus cannot use such a profile to 'combine' files from two or more disks into a common location (without the drive-ID subfolders being created/used).
Dave Wilkins
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